Rigid Urethane

AquaThane™ is a family of all water blown Rigid Urethane Foam Plural Component Systems. AquaThane™ systems are used in molded applications such as simulated wood products, flotation foam, plastic mold reinforcement, taxidermy foam, and pour-in-place insulated and non-insulated applications. 

AquaThane™ Systems:

  • Contain no halogenated blowing agents
  • Based on MDI Isocyanates
  • Density ranges from 3 to 45 lbs/cu. ft.
  • Available with colorants, UV inhibitors, antistats, fire-retardants, and anti-oxidants
  • AquaThane™ technology is compatible with low and high-pressure processing equipment
  • Roto-molded versions available
  • Sprayable versions available

AquaThane™ is available in 1gal, 5gal, 15gal, 55gal and totes.