Flexible Urethane

AquaFlex™ Systems:

  • Contain no halogenated blowing agents
  • Available in polyether and polyester based versions
  • Two component system capability
  • Density ranges 4 to 35 lbs/cu. ft.
  • Long term shelf life stability
  • Available with colorant, UV inhibitors, antistat, fire-retardant, and antioxidant additives.
  • AquaFlex™ technology is compatible with low and high pressure (RIM) processing equipment.
  • Integral skin (two step process) available

As a leader in polymer engineering, Utah Foam Products has developed AquaFlex™ a family of all water blown Flexible Urethane Foam Wet Pack systems. AquaFlex™ systems are used in molded applications where safety, comfort, and durability are prime essentials.

Below are some of the products created with AquaFlex™

AquaFlex™ is available in 1gal, 5gal, 15gal, 55gal and totes.