AquaCast® Is a family of Urethane Elastomer two component Systems:
Hardnesses from 10 Shore A to 85 Shore D
Available with Colorants, UV Inhibitors, Anti-Oxidants, and other additives
Variable gel times
Variable working times
Technical support provided upon request
AquaCast® technology is compatible with low and high pressure processing equipment
Sprayable elastomers – broad hardness and reactivity range

Utah Foam Products leads the industry in the development of innovative material technologies that set the standard for molded applications such as wheels, sprockets, rollers, safety bumpers, ornamental decorations, prosthetic devices and a wide variety of other applications.

Below are some of the products made with AquaCast®

AquaCast® is available in 1gal, 5gal, 15gal, 55gal and totes.