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Experience has been a key factor in the success of Utah Foam Products during the past 45 years. As a full service Urethane manufacturer, we provide customized materials and service to fit our client’s needs.

Our custom two component urethane systems include: flexible and rigid foams, cast elastomers for pour-in-place applications. Equipment we can provide is RIM & Low-Pressure, Plural Component Urethane or Elastomer spraying, or Single Component Coatings spraying. The end products from this technology have been used in agricultural equipment, prosthetics, construction, automotive, aerospace, packaging, seating, insulation, marine, sporting goods, health and fitness equipment, and many other applications where high performance, structural reinforcement, and durability are essential.

Our technology, coupled with our ability to provide processing equipment, prototyping, technical service and mold-making materials, provides single-source capabilities to client-specific applications.

Utah Foam Products, your one-stop source for a broad spectrum of uses and markets.

Our Markets

Our Products